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Your Health Media and factsheets on: mental health conditions, cold weather planning, stoping smoking, Winter Wellbeing and more information.

Choose Well

The Choose Well campaign is designed to help people choose the best place to get treatment if they fall ill, freeing up emergency services to help those most in need.


Health Check leaflet - Dementia

Preventing Dementia leaflet

Mental Health Factsheets

Informative factsheets from our mental health phone ins:



Adolescent Mental Health

Alcohol and Drugs

Antidepressants - Do they work?

Anxiety and Depression


Autism in Adults

Bipolar affective disorder


Childhood Depression

Deliberate Self Harm



Eating Disorders

5 a day

Innovations in Mental Health

Learning Disabilities

MH and Alcohol

Mens Mental Health

MH and Crime

MH and Genetics

MH and Homelessness

MH and Physical Health

MH in Older People

MH and Recovery

MH and Risk

Nutrition and MH


Opiates, Chronic Pain and Mental Health

Pain and dependance on Pain Killers

Personality Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Pregnancy and Mental Health

Psychological Therapy


Psychosis and the Personal Narrative

Role of MH Services

Sleep Disorders and Mental Health


Teenagers and Mental Health

Women’s Mental Health

Young People and Mental Health

Five Ways To Wellbeing

We’ve all heard that eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day can help maintain a healthy body. But did you know there is a five-a-day that can help keep your mind healthy too?

Taking the renowned Five Ways to Wellbeing developed by the new economics foundation into the digital world, the free app gives anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone a chance to reflect on their wellbeing, set activities to help improve their wellbeing andtrack their progress – all from the comfort of a phone. The activities are not prescriptive. It has been built to be very flexible to give you a free and convenient way of reminding yourself to look after your wellbeing and take time to Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning and Give.

Download the Five Ways to Wellbeing app for free

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5 a Day Card