Dementia and older people’s mental health

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Memory Service

The Memory Service provides expert assessment to you if you are worried about your memory or think you may have dementia.

Early assessment and diagnosis is crucial when identifying the right treatment for you and ensuring our patients receive the treatment and support they need to maintain a good quality of life.

The service is run by specially trained memory assessment practitioners which includes nurses, doctors and occupational therapists. They will use a variety of assessment tools to measure different aspects of a patient’s cognitive function, such as how they perceive, register, store, retrieve and use information. They are also able to organise brain scans which may help diagnosis and rule out any other causes of memory loss.

If you are diagnosed with a form of dementia, you will receive a personalised care plan. We will also establish links with other services, which may include groups offering brain training exercises known as cognitive stimulation. The service will also provide post-diagnosis counselling and support to patients and their family.

If you are worried about your memory, visit your GP, who will decide whether you would benefit from a specialist memory assessment either in a memory clinic or your own home. You can also refer yourself to the memory assessment service.


Memory Service contact information

To find the location of your nearest memory clinic, call 01208 251 300.

Alternatively you can contact our mental health teams in the following towns:

  • Bodmin 01208 834 300
  • Falmouth 01872 221 000
  • Helston 01209 881 888
  • Liskeard 01579 373 737
  • Newquay 01726 873 377
  • Penzance 01736 571 000
  • Redruth 01209 318 960 or 01209 318 961
  • St Austell 01726 873 377