Community response to COVID-19

As you may be aware the Trust have been working on our community COVID-19 response. To ensure the Trust can respond effectively to all requests for help, there will be a place-based triage for community teams (primary care networks (PCN) triage), and a central triage function for bedded facilities county-wide (bed triage).

PCN triage

PCN triage will be performed on a live basis by nursing, social care and therapy colleagues, to ensure we are focusing our limited resources on the people in our community who need them the most.

Visits and assessments will be allocated at a PCN level. Managers, triage staff, administrators and schedulers from health and social care will be co-located to ensure a joint response and allow for practical sharing of available resource when required.

This co-location will be at community coordination centres (CCCs) based in Dolcoath, west; Sedgemoor Centre, central; and Chy Trevail, north and east to support the PCNs in their local area.

Bed triage

Bed triage will ensure consistency in referrals across the county so bedded care is provided to those with the greatest need.

The bed triage teams will operate remotely.

They will pass all referrals that result in a bed request into the bed bureau. This team will have access to live bed capacity data to facilitate placements.


The system will implement a single electronic referral system (SERS) into community beds and home-based care teams

The new community service will be accessed using the single electronic referral form (SERF). This will replace all referral forms into community services, except for children’s services, mental health and primary care.

Single electronic referral system launch

The SERS is now live for acute and community hospital referrals. Please refer all individuals in acute or community hospitals who need support from the place-based community teams and county-wide bed triage via the SERF.

This will replace all referral forms into community services, except for children's services, mental health and primary care.

The community coordination centres and bed bureau will operate from 8am to 8pm and will also be open for referrals from GPs, 111 and South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Non-urgent referrals may be submitted outside these times but only by community assessment teams.

For more information, email NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly's COVID-19 community response team.