Hospital visiting

New visiting arrangements came into effect on 24 August 2022.

All patients will be allowed a maximum of 2 visitors, reduced to 1 visitor or carer in admitting areas. The 2 visitors can be different people each day but they will need to visit together. Visits will be for a maximum of an hour per day. All visits should be arranged in advance.

Visitors must not visit if they have:

All visitors must: 

  • use the hand hygiene facilities before and after visiting
  • wear appropriate PPE, for example, wear a surgical facemask in areas where staff are required to wear a mask

Before visiting, visitors should use the public toilet facilities within the hospital as these will not be available on the ward.

Arrangements are specific to different areas but follow the same basic principles. Visiting outside the specified hours should be made with the ward manager. For example, to allow a relative to be present to break bad news or provide support if the patient has complex needs.

It may be necessary to amend visiting arrangements on any ward at short notice if there are cases of COVID-19 or any other infection outbreak. We will advise you when you call to arrange your visit.

Exceptional circumstances

End of life care

Patients may have increased visiting with no restriction on the number of visitors or length of visit. This is at the discretion of the ward or unit manager. The patient does not need to have and end of life care plan (blue book) in place for these criteria to be applied.


Adults attending an outpatient appointment may be accompanied by 1 person.

Emergency department and minor injury units

Children and adults may be accompanied by 1 person. The department manager can approve more in exceptional circumstances.

Adolescent mental health wards (Sowenna)

Both parents may visit between 9am and 8pm or 3.30pm and 8pm on school days. The length of visits is not restricted. 

There should be a maximum of 2 visitors per patient at any time.

Adult mental health wards

Visits should be arranged in advance with the ward and will take place between the hours of:

  • 10am and midday
  • 2pm and 5pm
  • 6pm and 8pm