Spiritual and Pastoral Care


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Who is this for?

All Service users of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, their families and carers.
We also seek to be a resource and support for all staff and their families. Spiritual and Pastoral Care is for everybody, for people of all religions and of none.

You do not have to follow a particular faith to make use of this service, and any religious and spiritual tradition can be contacted via the Chaplaincy.

Anyone can have big questions and chaplains are there to support you to find your own answers.

The chaplains will respond to everyone who asks to see them and respect the different faiths and beliefs they encounter.

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What do Chaplains do?

Chaplains are here first of all to listen. They will take an interest in you, and try to help and support you. They have a special interest in the big questions of life.

Questions like: What is my life for? Why am I here? What is being human? Why do I suffer?

Questions like: Is there a God/greater being or force? What happens when you die? What can I become?

Questions like: Do I matter? Does anyone care?

Questions like: Are good and evil real? What is the effect of my behaviour on others and of their behaviour on me?

And questions about religion. The Chaplain can help you with resources if you need them for your religion, or help you find your nearest place of worship. Or help you to create your own rituals if you need to mark a personal occasion. Chaplains do not pretend to have all the answers, and they’re not here to tell you what to think or believe. They will help you to find your own answers to the big questions, or find a way to live with the questions, if you cannot find an answer.

We also keep a range of religious resources for different religions, and we can arrange for someone from your own religious background to visit you if you need.

We are here to help

“It was great to be able to talk so freely with someone about things which I wouldn’t broach with most people.”

“Thank you for being there when I needed to share me and my spirit.”

“The opportunity to share in prayer and Holy Communion while I was on Harvest Ward helped me on my healing journey.”

“Hope in the future is never easy and probably never will be. Knowing I am not alone and that my insights are taken seriously is a start.”


How to contact us

If you would like to talk to a chaplain you can ask a member of staff to make contact for you or contact a Chaplain yourself via the switchboard at Bodmin Hospital on 01208 251300 you can also email us at cft.chaplains@nhs.net
Representatives from diverse faith traditions can also contacted via the team.
We also have volunteers in a number of Trust locations - ask your local team for further information.


Chaplaincy leaflet

Faith resource available online

Sowenna Chaplaincy leaflet

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