Health for Homeless Contact information

Clinics are run on most weekdays from Camborne, Penzance and Truro,
01872 242294

You can telephone this number if the clinic is closed and you need to see a doctor or nurse. This number will automatically connect to the GP Out of Hours Service during evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

Business Support Manager
Cornwall Health for Homeless
8 City Road
01872 273617 and 01872 246901

Health for Homeless

Cornwall Health for Homeless is a service for people who experience difficulties in accessing medical care.

What does the Health for Homeless service provide?

Cornwall Health for Homeless aims to provide a range of healthcare services to people without homes in Cornwall. To achieve this, they work with other organisations which include St Petroc’s and Coastline Homeless Service as well as other local and national statutory groups. Part of their role is to help people live more stable lives and gain access to suitable accommodation.
Clinics run in three locations across the county, no appointment is necessary and people are able to drop-in at any time during the clinic. Three GPs, a nurse, a practice manager and two admin staff provide the service. Medical advice and treatment is available from the clinics which provide:

  • immunisations
  • health promotion
  • mental health care
  • shared care
  • hostel detox
  • dental care
  • foot care
  • housing solutions

Please note, lengthy and repeated consultations may be necessary. To receive treatment, we ask that you register with the Health for Homeless Service. At each clinic a doctor or nurse will be available to register you with the service, examine or change dressings and provide prescriptions. Repeat prescriptions are only available if you have seen the doctor or nurse. We are unable to replace lost or stolen prescriptions until they are due, so please keep them safe. You are entitled to a chaperone when being examined. If you would like us to arrange this, please speak to your doctor or nurse, however please bear in mind that it may be necessary to reschedule your examination to a later date/time in order to arrange this.


Self-referral by dropping in at a clinic.


Clinics are run on most weekdays from Camborne, Penzance and Truro.


List of Clinics