Online Psychological Therapy - 24/7

Outlook South West offers secure access to online-supported CBT programmes, tailored to your specific needs. This NHS-funded option is delivered in partnership with  SilverCloud

SilverCloud is an interactive tool available day or night on your computer, smart-phone or tablet. It has proven to have high improvement rates for depression, anxiety & stress. 

As you work through the SilverCloud programme, an Outlook South West therapist provides support and helps you make progress along the way.

To start your journey to recovery with SilverCloud, please fill in our online referral form and mention SilverCloud in your referral.

Alternatively, you can complete a SilverCloud programme in an 'unsupported' manner using the self-guided approach at your own time and pace. You won't have a 'supporter' tracking your progress and offering assistance, but it means you can get to work on a programme right away. You can do this by choosing one of the self-guided programmes and creating a SilverCloud account. To view these programmes, visit the Trust's  our programmes page.