Board Papers

Board papers are available here for the previous 2 years. These meetings are held in public and you are very welcome to attend. Copies of the papers are made available at the meeting. Details of our future Board meetings are available on the Board Meetings page

Previous Board papers may be requested by telephoning: 01208 834600


CFT Board papers 14 June 2021 [pdf] 13MB

CFT Board papers 10 May 2021 [pdf] 7MB


Staff Engagement and Wellbeing COVID-19 Response and Beyond [pptx] 3MB

Health and Care Partnership Academy [pptx] 811KB

CFT Board Papers 12 April 2021 [pdf] 10MB

CFT Board Papers 8 March 2021 [pdf] 17MB


Outlook South West Showcase March 2021 [pdf] 656KB

CFT Board Papers 8 February 2021[pdf] 6MB


Chief executive board presentation February 2021 [pdf] 208KB

Electronic Prescribing Medicines Administration (EPMA) [pdf] 2MB


CFT Board Papers 14 December 2020 [pdf] 26MB


Homeless Vulnerability Liaison Service Board presentation December 2020 [pdf] 793KB

Supported Housing Board presentation Dec 2020 [pdf] 2MB

CFT Board Papers 9 Nov 2020 [pdf] 11MB

CFT Board Papers 12 October 2020 [pdf] 9MB


Board Update October 2020 [pdf] 4MB

One Vision Presentation [pdf] 287KB

Phase 2 Update Board June 2020 [pdf] 813KB

CFT Board Papers 14 Sept 2020 [pdf] 9MB


Board Update September 2020 [pdf] 2MB

Sowenna at 1 Year [pdf] 2MB

CFT Board Papers 13 July 2020 [pdf] 3MB

CFT Board Papers 8 June 2020 [pdf] 3MB


Board update June 2020 [pdf] 798KB

Phase 2 Update Board June 2020 [pdf] 813KB

CFT Board Papers 11 May 2020 [pdf] 1MB

CFT Board Papers 6 April 2020 [pdf] 3MB


Board Update April 2020 [pdf] 490KB

CFT Board Papers 3 March 2020 [pdf] 4MB

CFT Board Papers 3 February 2020 [pdf] 8MB


Board Update March 2020 [pdf] 441KB

Welcome to the Isles of Scilly March 2020 [pdf] 3MB


CFT Public Board Papers 2 December 2019 [pdf] 17MB


St Clare Medical Centre Showcase [pdf] 5MB

Board Update December 2019 [pdf] 149KB

CFT Public Board Papers 4 November 2019 [pdf] 8MB


Don't Flush Your Life Away - Showcase [pdf] 2MB

CFT Public Board Papers 7 October 2019 [pdf] 6MB


PROMISE Project Showcase [pdf] 2MB

CFT Public Board Papers 2 Sept 2019 [pdf] 8MB


Garner Showcase [pdf] 573KB

CFT Public Board Papers 1 July 2019 [pdf] 6MB


Board Update July 2019 [pdf] 320KB

CFT Public Board Papers 3 June 2019 [pdf] 8MB


Board Update June 2019 [pdf] 149KB

EPP Showcase June 2019 [pdf] 3MB

CFT Public Board Papers 13 May 2019 [pdf] 11MB


Board Update May 2019 [pdf] 398KB

Health and Wellbeing Board Presentation [pdf] 1MB

CFT Public Board Papers 1 April 2019 [pdf] 9MB


Board Update April 2019 [pdf] 551KB

Coming out of the closet - Improving Dementia Services for people who identify as LGBT [pdf] 4MB

CFT Public Board Papers 5 February 2019 [pdf] 7MB


Board Update February 2019 [pdf] 243KB

Learning from an ‘outstanding’ service model - NTW Showcase [pdf] 937KB