Community mental health transformation

What is the community mental health transformation programme?

As part of a 5-year national programme, we are starting an exciting new journey to help transform the way mental health services are delivered in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The community mental health transformation programme aims to improve the lives of people with moderate to severe mental illness and complex needs.

"Our vision is to deliver a new, truly integrated model of mental health care provision across communities and services, which is responsive, needs-based and person-centred."

How are we going to get there?

The work is already underway. Health and social care, local authorities, emergency services, voluntary sector organisations and people with lived experience of mental ill health across the county are working together so we can:

  • improve partnerships and integration
  • address inequalities including current areas of unmet need
  • deliver needs-based, seamless care (‘no cliff edge’)
  • maximise co-production in development and delivery
  • improve access to services (‘no wrong door’)
  • be more responsive to need and people in crisis
  • improve the quality of services and experience overall

We’re working in several areas:

  1. Core community mental health services across the NHS and voluntary sector.
  2. Eating disorders.
  3. Community rehabilitation.
  4. Complex emotional difficulties.
  5. Physical health in severe mental illness.

For example, for complex emotional difficulties, we have recruited staff to help form a diverse core team covering the areas of:

  • psychology
  • nursing
  • lived experience leads
  • occupational therapy
  • peer support workers

People participation (co-production)

We need to listen to the voice of people who have used services and carers to make sure our processes are suitable and responsive to your needs. We're involving people with lived experience to create, design and deliver the future mental health system in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. This is called co-production and people with lived experience will be involved at every level.