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St Mary's Hospital, Belmont, St Mary's, Isles Of Scilly, TR21 0LE

Call 01720 422 392

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St Mary's Community Hospital

St Mary's Community Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient clinics for people on the Isles of Scilly.

A number of outpatient clinics are provided from the hospital. Your appointment letter will provide more information; contact us if you have any queries.

Integrated health and social care facility

A new integrated health and social care facility on the Isles of Scilly has now secured planning permission and national funding approval.

The aim is to develop and continue an integrated model of care that supports the needs of the island communities. It is hoped this will future-proof services for years to come.

What will the new facility provide?

The centre will be located on the site of St Mary's Community Hospital and land next to St Mary's Health Centre.

It will provide 12 residential care home beds, NHS inpatient beds and a modern maternity suite. Other outpatient services will continue. These include x-ray, minor injury unit, dental and consulting rooms.

The facility will be part of a new model of care. It will provide robust services to keep people at home or close to home where clinically possible. This will include maximising digital technologies and remote support to provide more enabled care on the islands.


  • Our short-form business case was approved on 26 March 2024.
  • Planning permission was granted on 18 April 2024.
  • Offsite construction and onsite enabling works are due to start in May 2024.
  • Units for the modular build are expected to arrive on St Mary’s in summer 2024.
  • Between summer 2024 and spring 2025, the Trust and Council of the Isles of Scilly will engage with residents and staff. This will include workshops and events to gather views on how the centre and model of care will be developed.
  • Work to refurbish the existing St Mary’s Community Hospital building is expected to start in early 2025.
  • The facility is due to open by summer 2025.

The dates listed above may be subject to change. Further updates will be shared as the project moves forward.


  • Minor injury unit.
  • X-ray is open on a Thursday, ring the number above to confirm this before making your journey.
  • Inpatient care.
  • Outpatient clinics.
  • Free parking.
  • Disabled parking and access.

The hospital does not provide dental services. Find out how to access dental services.

Minor injury unit

If you need urgent, but not emergency, NHS care in Cornwall, contact NHS 111.

Just contact NHS 111 by phone or online at any time of day or night, to find out where you should go and when.

If needed, expert clinicians will arrange for you to be seen at the emergency department or at our range of other treatment units. Do not just turn up, as you may be directed elsewhere or have to wait longer.

This will help the NHS manage the flow of patients when capacity in waiting rooms is much smaller than before, to maintain distancing and reduce the risk of infection.

It means you will get the right treatment, more quickly and probably closer to home as well.

View the latest minor injury unit opening and waiting times.

Visiting Cornwall?

If you’re a visitor to Cornwall, you do not need to look up details of NHS services if you need urgent treatment, just call 111 or use the 111 online service.

Support your hospital

The hospital has a charitable fund which is used to improve patient services. The hospital is also generously supported by the League of Friends. Email Jenny Byers, League of Friends Secretary, for more information.

Ward and visiting hours

The hospital has 1 main ward which supports people’s physical health and wellbeing.

Visiting a patient

Read the latest visiting guidelines.

Visiting hours are from 2pm to 5pm and from 6.30pm to 8pm daily, which allows for off island patient visitors to travel by boat.

Protected mealtimes operate between midday and 1pm and again from 5pm to 6pm.