Environmental sustainability

In March 2021, the Trust, the NHS Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Integrated Care Board and Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust approved an integrated care system green plan.

Our green plan includes the following targets:

  • net zero carbon footprint by 2030
  • net zero carbon footprint plus by 2045

Delivering a net zero NHS strategy

The NHS England delivering a net zero NHS strategy recommended 2040 as the target year to achieve a net zero carbon footprint. We set 2030 as our net zero carbon footprint target because time of the essence. We have a history of taking a lead role on climate change.

Our commitment

We are committed to operating in a way that protects the environment and is sustainable.

We have recently reviewed our green plan to reconfirm our priority action areas. We are now working hard to embed our net zero targets into our:

  • strategic, operational, and decision-making activity
  • supporting our staff to take action
  • delivering priority, such as business travel
  • co-benefit projects, such as promoting and facilitating healthier and active choices

Updates and information

Progress updates are provided in our annual report. For more information, email the Sustainability Team.

Carbon reduction

In 2006, we were one of the first NHS Trust’s in England to write a carbon reduction strategy. This included an energy based 15% carbon reduction target. By 2015 we achieved a 62% reduction in energy consumption.

Several carbon reduction projects have been delivered, including:

  • a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) new construction 'Excellent' rating for our Sowenna unit in Bodmin
  • Department of Health funding for an electric vehicle pool car project powered by our own solar PV systems

We have made progress, but there is more to do. In 2020 we declared a climate emergency. In March 2021, along with key partners, we set the ambitious net zero targets listed above.

Sowenna unit in Bodmin (constructed in 2019)

Front of Sowenna unit

40kWp solar PV system at Trevillis House (constructed in 2014)

40kWp solar PV system at Trevillis House, Liskeard (constructed in 2014)