Individual therapies

All our individual therapies are available face-to-face throughout our bases in Cornwall or via online platforms.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

We offer low intensity (6 weekly sessions) and high intensity (16 to 20 weekly sessions) courses.

CBT therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of mental health problems. It aims to help you manage overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller parts.

CBT aims to:

  • help you change unhelpful patterns to improve the way you feel
  • deal with your current problems, rather than focusing on issues from your past
  • find practical ways to improve your daily thoughts and behaviours
  • help you set goals with your therapist
  • give you tasks between your sessions

Person-centred experiential counselling for depression

Counselling for depression takes place over 16 to 20 weekly sessions

It aims to help people suffering from depression by exploring their feelings and the impact these feelings have on thoughts and behaviours.

Interpersonal psychotherapy

Interpersonal psychotherapy helps people with depression identify and address problems in their relationship with family, partners, and friends.

It aims to help you communicate better with others and address problems that contribute to your depression.

Mindfulness based CBT

Mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) takes place over 9 x 2-hour 30-minute sessions.

A mindfulness based cognitive behavioural therapy course combining mindfulness meditation practices with elements from cognitive therapy. Small, interactive groups, practising mindfulness in a non-judgemental, welcoming environment.

The course aims to help change habitual negative patterns that characterise depression, anxiety, and chronic stress.

Couples therapy for depression

Couples therapy for depression takes place over 16 to 20 weekly sessions.

Couples therapy for depression helps people with mild to moderate depression where the depression is having an impact on the relationship, or the relationship is having an impact on the depression.

The aim of couples counselling for depression is to help improve the way that couples communicate about problems and change the way that they respond towards each other.

Waiting times

Within 5 working days of receiving your referral, you will be contacted by a member of our admin team. They will arrange your initial telephone assessment appointment with one of our therapists.

Once confirmed, your appointment details will be emailed or posted to you and will include further information about what to expect.

There may be times when we would need to discuss transferring your care with other services if we are not the appropriate service to meet your needs. If you do not hear from us after 5 days, call us on 01208 871 905 or email the Talking Therapies Service. The team will respond Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

We expect 12,500 people to access Talking Therapies a year across a range of services. We assess 93% of people within 6 weeks. Some services receive more referrals than others and these median waiting times give you a guide as to what you can expect.

Assessment current wait time in days

  • 13 days

Low intensity current wait time in days

Service Days
Therapeutic groups including young at heart, finding yourself again, menopause and stressbuster. 23
One-to-one therapy 185
Silvercloud therapy (accompanied) 5

High intensity current wait time in days

Service Days
Therapeutic groups including health relating, worry less and live more, mood booster and neuro. 82
Cognitive behavioural therapy 102
Counselling for depression 94
Couples’ therapy for depression 29
Interpersonal psychotherapy 61
Mindfulness 20
Post traumatic stress disorder therapy 102

This information was last updated on 1 July 2024.