Radio Cornwall Mental Health Phone-In

The BBC Radio Cornwall ‘Mental Health Phone-In’ is a project that is organised jointly between BBC Radio Cornwall and Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) has been running continuously since 2011 having aired 77 to date (05/2017).

It involves a monthly one hour programme which is on air on the first Wednesday of every month on the Laurence Reed Show. Each month focuses on a particular area of mental health and has two guests, usually a Psychiatrist from CFT and one of their experienced non-medical colleagues such as a Nurse or another Specialist (normally but not always from CFT), who are experts in that particular area of mental health. The programme usually starts with a pre-recorded case study on the topic in question and then, following this, the listeners are invited to phone in live and ask questions on the subject, of the guests. The programmes have proved to be incredibly popular and each month there appears to be a keen interest from the public to ask questions and share their experiences.

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