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We strive to provide an excellent service to the community, and all who need to use our services. From time to time, things may not go right. When this does happen, we would like to know about it, and have the opportunity to resolve the issues for you.

If you feel something has not gone right, in the first instance, it is often quicker and easier to speak to the team who are providing the care and treatment. They may be able to resolve this for you.

If you feel uncomfortable in doing so, or are unable to, contact our PALS team. You can contact our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). This is a free service and PALS will work with you to try to resolve your concerns. If they are unable to help you, they will log the complaint for you and will arrange for the appropriate investigation.

The complaints process is overseen by a complaints manager who will work with PALS and clinical teams to ensure you receive an appropriate response. PALS and the complaints manager work independently to clinical teams.

It is important to remember that PALS and the complaints manager may need to access hospital systems. This may include medical records, and liaising with other departments as necessary to help with your complaint. If your complaint is in relation to someone else, we may need their permission to be able to help you. We will let you know if this is the case.

Our promises to you if you make a complaint

  • We will respond to your initial enquiry (whether that's by email, telephone, or our contact form) by the end of the next working day. If possible, we will see if we can resolve your complaint at this stage (known as early resolution) as we find this is often best for patients if it is possible.
  • If early resolution is not possible, within 3 working days we will discuss the details of your complaint and agree the points that need to be investigated.
  • We will formally acknowledge your complaint.
  • We will learn from complaints.
  • That no patient or complainant will be treated unfairly because a concern has been raised about their care. No record of a complaint is made on a patient’s medical records, they are held on a separate system.

We will aim to resolve your complaint within 60 working days. For more complex complaints this may take longer. At the moment, it is taking us a little longer than this. We are working hard to reduce this timescale and would still like to help you, but be aware it may take us longer than usual to respond.

Advice on making a complaint

Making a complaint can be difficult, and we would like to make it as easy as possible for you. Here are some tips you can follow to help us to look at your complaint as quickly as possible.

  • Make the complaint as soon as possible after the event. It is often easier for anyone involved to remember what happened.
  • Make the complaint within 12 months of the incident, or within 12 months of being aware you have cause to complain. We may not be able to look at your complaint if it is outside this timescale.
  • Provide as much information as possible, for example:
    • names, address, and date of birth
    • name and address of the patient if it is not you
    • hospital number or NHS number if it is known
    • relevant dates and times
    • names of staff and departments involved
  • If you have 2 or more concerns, it can often help to number the points so we can make sure we answer all of the concerns.

Independent support for making a complaint

Making a complaint can be difficult for some. If you feel you need support in making a complaint, you are able to ask an advocacy service for support. An advocacy service is a free and confidential service.

Complaints about other NHS organisations

We are only able to help with complaints relating to our own Trust. We cannot help with complaints about GP services, dental services, or pharmacies. You should contact these organisations directly if you have a query about those services.

If your complaint is about our Trust and another organisation, we may be able to work with that organisation to provide a single response. If this is the case, we will advise you on how this works at the time.

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

If your query is in relation to services received at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (Treliske, West Cornwall Hospital, or St Michael’s), contact their Patient Experience Team.

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

If your query is in relation to University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (Derriford), contact their Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

Make a complaint enquiry

We are only able to help with complaints relating to our own Trust.

If your complaint is about another organisation such as Treliske in Truro, West Cornwall Hospital, Derriford or your GP, contact them directly and do not use this form.

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