Vision and values

We are an NHS community and mental health provider trust. We deliver care to people at home or in a hospital to improve their physical and mental health. We also provide specialist support to people with dementia and a learning disability.

Around 4,000 people make up the team Trust. They include doctors, nurses, therapists, administrators, and support staff. We work in people’s homes, in community clinics and bases. Some staff work from our 12 community hospitals.

Just over 532,000 people call Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly home. The number of people we can support increases dramatically when people come here on holiday. We work closely with colleagues in social care and our acute hospitals. Around 1 in 3 people are supported by acute hospitals in Devon.

More information on the Trust is available on this website and also in our reports and publications.

Vision and values

As an organisation, our vision is: delivering high quality care. 

Our vision is underpinned by our strategic objectives which were updated in February 2022.

  • Great care
    • We will deliver safe, high-quality, consistent and personalised care based on best practice. We are working to be a responsive organisation that listens and learns.
  • Great organisation
    • We work to be a green organisation, and our sustainability plan will deliver NHS net zero targets. We will support quality care, research, and innovation. All our work will be underpinned by clear and transparent principles and systems.
  • Great people
    • We will work together with our staff to create an organisation that supports our collective health and wellbeing. We will attract, retain and develop great people, and embed a caring, open, inclusive and restorative just culture that supports us to deliver quality care.
  • Great partner
    • With our partners we will deliver health care that improves people’s quality of life, prevents ill health and reduces inequalities. We will spend our money wisely to achieve high quality outcomes that matter to local people.

These objectives are supported by our care values which are:

  • Compassionate services
  • Achieving high standards
  • Respecting individuals
  • Empowering people.

To ensure we do this our services:

  • involve patients and carers in the planning and delivery of care
  • aim to be accessible so that help can be obtained when and where it is needed
  • promote the safety of patients, carers and staff and the wider public
  • provide well co-ordinated services between all staff and agencies
  • aim to do this by delivering high quality treatment and care which is both effective and acceptable

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