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Email: cpn-tr.fallsreferrals@nhs.net

Falls Practitioners

The Falls Team provides older people who have fallen or who are at high risk of falling with a full assessment to help manage and reduce their risk of falls.

What do Falls Practitioners provide?

Falls Practitioners predominately support older people. If you have faller or are at risk of a fall, the team will develop a care plan with you. They will encourage you to play an active role in your own health and to be involved in and decisions which are made.

Our Falls Team is made up of experienced specialists with backgrounds in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and nurse; in addition we have Falls Technicians.
The team will also check for early signs of illness or disease which contribute to your risk of falls. This could involve carrying out a number of tests which may include a 24 hour ECG (electrocardiogram ), blood pressure monitoring, balance and gait assessment, continence assessment, osteoporosis risk assessment etc.

After your assessment the team will draw up an exercise plan and provide you with home safety advice. This could include adaptive equipment and prescription walking aids. If they think it would benefit you, they will make referrals to other services. Falls clinics are held across the county and you can be seen in your own home if necessary.


Via the CCC online referral form.


NICE Quality Standard QS86 Falls in older people

NICE Guidance, tools and resources

Get up and Go: A Guide to Staying Steady (For CFT staff: this popular leaflet is available to order via Integra CHA 4254)

Falls prevention podcast

Falls podcast: top tips for non-geriatricians

Helping older people stay active at home

Active at Home Booklet

Falls prevention animation

The CSP’s new Older People’s Day animation demonstrates a series of exercises (from the Get Up and Go guide) to build strength and balance in order to prevent falls. We hope it will help raise awareness amongst older people of the benefits of exercise and the role of physiotherapy in falls prevention.

Falls prevention animation – Older People’s Day 2017 from csp.org.uk on Vimeo