Elective Orthopaedics Contact Information

Tel: 01579 373555

Elective Orthopaedics

The Elective Orthopaedics Service will support those who live in Cornwall and are having a hip or knee replacement at either the Peninsula Treatment Centre or Derriford Hospital.

The Elective Orthopaedics Service aim is to make your transfer from home to hospital and back again as easy as possible. Our staff will provide you with expert advice on the surgery you are having especially if you are having complex surgery including revision operations.

What does the Elective Orthopaedics Service provide?

The service is provided by an Orthopaedic Specialist Sister, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Rehabilitation Assistances. The team will provide you with a pre-operative telephone assessment followed by a home assessment. They will provide you with a selection of aids to support your independence. This will include identifying your post discharge needs and whether additional support from other organisations may be required.

Once you have had you surgery, the team will visit you to provide follow-up care. This will include the removal of the metal clips which have been used to close your wound. They will also provide you with physiotherapy either at home or in a local clinic. Follow up will continue until you are fit to return to your normal activities. The team will be able to provide advice on returning to work, long-term care and participating in sporting activities.


All Referrals are received directly from the hospitals via waiting lists

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5pm