Community nursing teams

Community nursing teams support peoples healthcare, when they are unable to leave their own home or need some additional support after a period of illness or discharge from hospital.

Community nursing teams are made up of:

  • community matrons
  • district nurses
  • staff who are trained to take blood (phlebotomists)
  • healthcare assistants

The team works with GPs, health and social care staff, hospitals and the voluntary sector in order to support you where you live.

Community matrons primarily support people with multiple long-term health conditions. They work with people who have had:

  • 2 or more emergency admissions to hospital in the last 12 months
  • suffer from chronic disease
  • take 4 or more medications

Community matrons provide intensive support to people at home in order to help keep people well, help them improve their health and enjoy a good quality of life. They aim to prevent unplanned admissions or treatment or when a hospital admission is needed; to support a quick discharge. They will help you to recognise and manage early signs of deterioration in order to achieve this.

What do district nurses provide?

District nurses work mainly with housebound patients in order to support their independence and provide additional support after discharge from hospital of a period of serious illness.

Support from district nurses is available to adults who:

  • 18 or over and require nursing care
  • housebound or unable to attend a clinic


Referrals come through GPs.


8am to 6pm. Out of hours support is provided evenings, nights and weekends.