Adult Speech and Language Contact Information

Tel:  (01872) 246993


If you wish to contact us by post, please send to your nearest Adult Speech and Language Therapy department.

Contacting the Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service

Adult Speech and Language

The Adult Speech and Language Therapy Services (ASLT) is dedicated to identifying and addressing communication and swallowing difficulties in people aged 18 and over. Their aim is to provide care as close to home as possible.

What do the Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service provide?

The Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service will work with you to identify your speech or swallowing difficulty. A care plan to address these needs will be developed by the team. To ensure you have the best outcome, the team will also work with other health and social care services. The team will also advise you on different forms of communication which may be beneficial. These could be books, charts or electronic aids.

The team also have access to a group of trained volunteers who are available to provide communication support to help you in the short-term.

Who will the team see?

The Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service help people with a variety of conditions for example:

  • dementia
  • stammering
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • long-term conditions eg MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease
  • voice disorders


A referral form is available for health professionals including GPs. The completed form should be emailed to:

Alternatively a referral letter can be sent to the same address.

You may self refer by sending an email to the above address, alternatively you can telephone 01872 246993. We will ask your permission to contact your GP or other health professional to ensure we are in a position to provide the best care for you.

Important Changes: Use of Fluid Thickener with adult patients

Thickener Level Descriptor.pdf [pdf] 11KB
Fluid Thickener Guidelines For Wards.pdf [pdf] 105KB


Adult Speech and Language Therapy a Guide for Patients.pdf [pdf] 353KB