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Fletcher Ward Contact Information

Bodmin Community Hospital, Boundary Road, Bodmin, PL31 2QT
Telephone: 01208 251377 (unit office)

Fletcher Ward

Entrance to Fletcher Ward.

Fletcher Ward is an acute psychiatric admissions unit offering assessment and treatment for people aged 18 and over, who predominantly are from the north and east of the county. Fletcher ward provide a safe and stabilising environment for men and women who are in crisis, experiencing an acute episode of mental illness and requiring an emergency admission. Service users may agree to an informal admission or may be detained under the Mental Health Act (2007). Many of the patients on Fletcher have complex needs and can be very unwell. Most will achieve a degree of recovery to enable them to leave the ward and return to the community. Whilst this is a short stay ward, some people may stay longer so that appropriate support can be sourced in the community to mitigate readmission.

Fletcher ward has 24 en-suite bedrooms and access to communal gardens and lounge areas. A range of therapeutic activities are available on the ward, facilitated by activities co-ordinators. The rest of the team is made up of mental health nurses, medical staff, psychologist, pharmacist, occupational therapy staff and healthcare assistants. Other professionals may also visit the ward and contribute to a person’s care and treatment, such as: housing advisors, Second Opinion Appointed Doctors (SOAD) and other specialist services where appropriate. Our teams work closely and collaboratively with service users, their families and the referrer to provide a seamless pathway from referral to discharge. Our approach is recovery focused and supported by comprehensive multidisciplinary teams, contributing to shorter lengths of stay.  

The ethos across our services is about assessing and treating service users in the least restrictive environment and planning for discharge in a robust and timely fashion. With a focus on stabilisation, we support service users to manage their mental health, reinforce daily living skills and prepare for independent life back in the community. As a trust we pride ourselves on delivering high quality care by: empowering people, providing compassionate services, achieving high standards and respecting individuals.




Fletcher Ward Patient Information

Fletcher Ward Welcome Booklet - Relatives and Carers

Perran and Carbis Wards

Perran Ward and Carbis Ward at Longreach house offers similar services for people living in the west of Cornwall. 

Admission Process

A nurse from the team will meet you in reception and help you bring your bags to your room, after searches have been completed. We will ask you a few questions e.g. confirming personal details, gaining an understanding of the reasons for your admission and what you expect from your stay etc. We will continue this assessment during your admission. A member of the nursing staff will take your height and weight as well as your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and respirations when you are admitted.  A doctor will see you within 24 hours to complete a clerking and a medical check-up. You will have the opportunity to see your allocation consultant psychiatrist at least once a week for review to discuss your care and treatment plan. You will be allocated a named nurse who you can link with throughout your admission. He or she will be responsible for keeping in close contact with you and the members of your clinical team, within the framework of your Care Programme Approach (CPA) also known as your Care Plan.

He or she will also ensure that:

  • You and your care team discuss and agree your Care Plan together.
  • Regular reviews take place (approximately every two weeks).
  • Your Care Plans are monitored and regularly reviewed, ensuring that progress is recorded.
  • They are a consistent point of contact for you, your carers and other professionals.
  • They are on request for you to meet with to discuss all issues relating to your care plan.

What to Bring

Coming into hospital can be a difficult time, but we recommend you bring with you only those items you need. The following are suggestions of what you might want to bring into hospital (or that someone could bring in for you), to make your stay more comfortable:

  • Several changes of underwear, clothing and shoes
  • Night wear, dressing gown and slippers
  • Toiletries and personal care items
  • Telephone numbers, address book, writing materials
  • Limited amount of snacks, personal choice of beverages if you so choose
  • Books, magazines, reading glasses
  • Small change for the payphone or a mobile phone
  • Mobile phones and hand-held tablets can be used but we do not provide internet access

The ward can provide some toiletries and personal items if you are unable to bring your own. Please ask nursing staff to see if they can provide what you need.

What NOT to bring

Large amounts of cash and valuables.

Items of sentimental value.

Items that are restricted such as glass items, sharp items, drugs or substances, alcohol.

Plastic bags.

Large items or electrical equipment.

Bedding and quilts.

We will provide

  • All bedding.
  • Towels.
  • Emergency supplies of toiletries.
  • Equipment for art and activities
  • Food and drink at meal times and there is a café in the hospital.
  • A pay phone.
  • Access to a small laundry with pre-set temp washing machine and dryer.

Visiting Fletcher Ward

Visitors are welcome to the ward during the following times:

  • 1pm-2pm
  • 4pm-5pm
  • 6pm-8pm

At the weekends visiting is extended and times are:

  • 1pm-5pm
  • 6pm-8pm

Morning visits may be fine if requested in advance, however it is essential to provide some quieter times with no visitor access in the mornings whenever possible.

If your relative or friend has permitted unescorted leave, it may be possible for them to be collected from the ward outside visiting times between 9-7pm.

We are unable to allow children under 18 onto the ward. If you would like to bring a child with you to visit a patient, we have a family visiting room which you can use. Please ask a member of staff for more information


It is free to park at the hospital. The Link car park offers easy access to the ward and includes disabled parking spaces.

Further Information

Contacting a Patient

Please telephone your friend or relative between 9am and 9pm on 01208 73056.

If you would like to discuss your friend or relative with the nursing staff, please contact the ward office on 01208 251377. There are times when a patient may not consent to staff members sharing information, we are still able to listen to information or concerns you may wish to share. We recognise that family and friends are often a vital source of information as they can offer helpful insights to support a persons’ care.


Referrals to Fletcher Ward are made through our Home Treatment Team. 01208256235

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

We are always striving for excellence and acknowledge that we need to continually learn and improve. As a service, we will be disappointed if a patient does not feel they have been offered high quality care and we will want to rectify this for the individual and future service receivers. We therefore welcome comments, compliments and complaints.

If you are unhappy about your care or the care of a relative, you should initially try to speak to a member of staff who is with you at the time or a member of the care team. They may be able to resolve your concerns straight away. However, if you are unable to resolve your concerns by talking to a member of staff, please contact the Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS), which provides support and advice to patients, their families, carers and friends. For more information, PALS INFO LINK


If you have recently been a patient on Fletcher Ward, we would like to know what your thought about your stay in hospital. Our short survey is aimed at patients on the ward and should be answered by them. If you are helping someone to give their feedback, please ensure the answers reflect the patient’s point of view.

Careers on Fletcher Ward

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Fletcher Ward - Smoking Information

Bodmin Hospital is a smoke free site. Staff will discuss / support you with this during your time in hospital. In line with the National guidance, from the 1st September 2018, all tobacco products will be locked away on admission to the ward and returned on discharge or when you go on a period of overnight leave.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on our sites. If you are an in-patient and prefer to use an e-cigarette, we will support you to do so - they can be used in outside areas only. The Trust cannot supply e-cigarettes. Therefore, patients wishing to use them will need to purchase them themselves. Many brands of disposable e-cigarette are available and the designs vary. Check with staff that they meet the criteria below before purchasing or ordering. Please only purchase.disposable e-cigarettes, rechargeable e-cigarettes, or refillable e-cigarettes. There are many outlets for disposable e-cigarettes.

One that offers a discount to inpatients is below:
Use the coupon code: NHS2017 *this code will only work for items being delivered to wards, not a private address

ONLINE ORDERS: Patients (or their family/friends) ordering directly from thenwebsite (and paying by card or PayPal) should use the coupon code*. This code will reduce the RRP of £3.60 
(incl. vat) to £2.50 (incl.vat)
Postage/Carriage & Packaging using a standard 2/3 day postal or delivery service is free of charge.
PHONE SALES: Sales: 01977 682455 quote the coupon code*