Intensive support team

The intensive support team provides extra support for adults with learning disabilities (aged 18 or older) at home during a crisis, for a limited period.

The team provide intensive support to adults with a learning disability who need extra support. This support is also available to adults with complex or severe behavioural issues, autistic spectrum disorder, or people with mental health issues who require urgent help.

Support is available for a limited period of time to help manage or overcome a certain issue or problem. The support may include advice over the telephone or meetings.

The team works with the individual to:

  • find out why they find some things difficult to deal with
  • teach them new skills
  • make choices so you can be part of your local community
  • teach family and carers new skills so they can help you to deal with things
  • listen and work with them and all the people who look after them to make their life better and happier

The support will be reviewed to ensure it continues to meet their needs. Referrals to the intensive support team are made by the adult learning disability service.

Contact the team

  • Write to: Team leader, ;Intensive support team, Chy Govenek, Threemilestone Industrial Estate, Threemilestone, Truro, TR4 9LD
  • Call 01872 221 200
  • Fax 01872 240765

Opening hours

The service is available Monday to Friday, 9am and 5pm.

If you need help outside these hours, call 01208 251 300 and ask for the duty social worker or home treatment team.

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