Forensic community mental health team contact information

Forensic Community Mental Health Service. Centre for Mental Health and Justice, Cornwall County Police Headquarters, Bodmin Police Hub, Tollgate Road, Bodmin PL31 2FJ

Call 01208 834 747


Forensic community mental health team

Who is this service for?

The Forensic Community Mental Health Service is for people who have a diagnosed mental health condition which is associated with a serious risk of harm to themselves or others.

The team provide specialist psychological and psychiatric interventions to assess, treat and manage individuals who have offended or present a potential to offend.

What we do

We co-ordinate the care of people in the community who are under a restriction order of the Mental Health Act, and support others through admission and discharge to low, medium and high secure inpatient beds.

This includes:

  • user and carer needs led assessment
  • assistance with addressing housing and accommodation, benefits and other practical needs
  • carrying out the care co-ordinator role with the care programme approach
  • psychological interventions
  • in-reach to inpatient wards
  • risk assessment and management plans
  • discharge planning


Referrals are made by way of a referral form, which is then discussed by the team at the weekly multi-disciplinary team meeting. Referrers can also be invited to attend a forensic liaison clinic to discuss the service user's needs more fully.

Referrals can be made from within the Trust and also from other external inpatient forensic hospitals and prison transfers.

Request a referral form: