Criminal justice liaison and diversion team contact information

Centre for Mental Health and Justice

Cornwall County Police Headquarters

Bodmin Police Hub

Tollgate Road

Bodmin PL31 2FJ

Criminal justice liaison and diversion team

Who is this service for?

The criminal justice liaison and diversion team is an all age service and works with people who are suspected of committing an offence and have mental health needs, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol problems or another identified vulnerability.

What we do

The team offers expert assessment of people who are detained in custody or attending court. They will provide interventions to those who need support, including:

  • providing the registered GP with a written assessment in aid in any follow-up appointments or referrals
  • giving written or verbal reports to courts or the police
  • instigating formal Mental Health Act assessments
  • will make appropriate onward referrals

The team where appropriate, will provide follow-up support in the community with a support time and recovery worker to help access services and resources which meet their identified needs.

Mental health professionals will offer advice and guidance to police officers, magistrates courts and other colleagues in the justice system, to help determine the most appropriate level of support required for each service user.

The service provides early intervention and aims to address health and social needs in order to reduce re-offending behaviours.

How to access this service

Referrals are accepted from all criminal justice agencies.

A referral form can be requested by calling 01208 834747 or you can email the criminal justice liaison and diversion team.