Early Intervention in Psychosis Contact Information

Early Intervention Team (East)

Bellingham House

Bodmin Hospital

Boundary Road

Bodmin, PL31 2QT

(01208) 834276

Fax: 01208 251445

Early Intervention Team (West)

Kernow Building

Wilson Way

PoolRedruth, TR15 3QE

(01209) 204003

Fax: 01209 315906

Early Intervention in Psychosis

The Early Intervention in Psychosis Team will work with people who are experiencing their first episode of psychosis.

Psychosis is a condition that affects the minds ability to distinguish what is real. This can happen gradually or suddenly.

The Early Intervention Team offer prompt assessment and treatment for psychosis as studies suggest the earlier the condition is treated, the better the long-term results tend to be. Early treatment often means the person can be treated in at home rather than in a hospital.

Anyone can contact us to seek advice or make a referral if they have concerns about someone they feel may be suffering from a psychosis.

We work with other organisations and provide education and awareness sessions to a number of local schools and colleges. Together with a group of people who have experienced psychosis, we created an awareness raising film – howlongwouldyouwait.com. This is a short two minute film which is best watched with the volume turned up.

If you would like more information, you can read our leaflet, ‘Worried about a friend or relative’s mental health’. This leaflet is also available in German, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Referrals to the Early Intervention in Psychosis Team

All referrals to the Early Intervention in Psychosis Team should use the contact information below to contact the team directly.
01208 834276 for East
01209 204003 for West


Early Intervention in Psychosis leaflet

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For more information about psychosis and the treatment options.


This website contains information about psychosis and has been designed for family members and friends of people who have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or another illness that may result in the symptoms of psychosis.


Cornwall EIP – Improving Outcomes for People with First Episode Psychosis