Psychiatric Liaison Service

The Psychiatric Liaison Service provides mental health assessment and care for to people who are patients at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.

The Psychiatric Liaison Service will assess and plan care for patients in the Emergency Department and Royal Cornwall Hospital inpatient wards and who have mental health, self harm, drug and alcohol and cognitive impairment problems.If, following assessment the psychiatric liaison service feels they would benefit from more treatment, they will make a referral to the service which will best support them.

Clinical staff at Royal Cornwall Hospital can refer to this service and patients are welcome to request referral to the service via clinical staff.
We also educate and train clinicians at Royal Cornwall Hospital so they are better equipped to look after people who also have a mental illness.

Referrals to Psychiatric Liaison Service

To make an urgent referral, please telephone: Bodmin Hospital 01208 251300 (ext 1300) and ask for the Duty Psychiatric Liaison Nurse to be paged.

For routine referrals please complete the e mail referral form that can be found on the Royal Cornwall Hospital Intranet site in the A to Z Resources section under P for Psychiatry.

The Service aims to see all routine referred patients by 16:00 the following weekday.

Contact Information

Psychiatric Liaison Service
Wellbeing Centre

(01872) 253477

Fax: 01872 252930

Royal Cornwall Hospital patients with acute mental health, self-harm and substance misuse problems can access the service from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday of the week.

For people over 65 years old with cognitive impairment problems support is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.


Psychiatric Liaison Leaflet


Psychiatric Liaison Patient Satisfaction Survey