Integrated Community Mental Health Teams

Integrated Community Mental Health Teams (ICMHTs) are a community based assessment and treatment service for people suffering mental health problems who are over the age of 18.

Integrated Community Mental Health Teams (ICMHTS) include clinicians from a number of different professional backgrounds. These include mental health nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists and occupational therapists.

If you have a mental health problem which hasn’t been addressed by counselling or which is more complicated, your GP may refer you to a community mental health team. The ICMHT will help you to manage any changes in your behaviour, feelings and thinking. This could include helping you to work out solutions to your current problems, developing your strengths and providing support so you become more independent. Treatment may be on a one to one basis, in a group or could be with family and friends. Appointments with the ICMHT can take place at home or in a community setting like your GP practice.

By working in this way, the community mental health team helps patients to retain their social status, wellbeing and place in the community.
Most people who come into contact with mental health services will be treated by a community mental health team. The team may call on the expertise of other teams in CFT if they think it would help your recovery.

Referrals to Integrated Community Mental Health Teams

To make a telephone referral:
0845 207 7711 with the option 1 for East locality, option 2 for Mid locality and option 3 for West locality.

West – Kerrier, Penwith & IoS
Mid – Restormel & Carrick
East – North Cornwall & Caradon

To make an email referrals:

Contact Information

East and West Caradon ICMHT
(01579) 373737 Fax: 01579 342546

North Cornwall ICMHT
(01208) 834300

Restormel ICMHT
Alexandra House and Newquay Hospital
(01726) 873377 Fax: 01726 879379

Carrick ICMHT
(01872) 246800

Kerrier ICMHT
(01209) 318960

Penwith ICMHT
(01736) 571000

To find out which ICMHT covers the area in which you live, please contact Bodmin Hospital switchboard on 01208 251300

Opening Hours

ICMHT bases are open, Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 5.15pm


Download the Integrated Community Mental Health Team leaflet


Adult Assessment

Adult Discharge