Anti-racism statement

The Trust recognises that racism is an assault against people, which causes pain and trauma across communities and generations. We know that racism exists across society. It is systemic.

We are committed to providing a workplace where everyone is safe and protected from the harm caused by racism and feel a truly meaningful sense of belonging. We will do this by adopting an explicitly anti-racist approach. As well as collaborating proactively with all partners to eradicate racism across our services.

Our work tackling racial inequality is intertwined with tackling health inequalities and associated issues which disproportionately impact people from racialised communities.

Anti-racism goes beyond thinking that racial prejudice is wrong. It understands that racism is systemic across all structures of society. Truly dismantling racism requires all of us to actively call out every instance of racism, both structural and individual.

Anti-racism actions pledge

We understand that actions speak louder than words. While we may not have all the solutions, we are committed to learning and growing. This commitment requires more than just lip service. We are taking concrete steps to effect change.

As an anti-racist organisation, we will take the following steps.

Understand the history and effect of racism and discrimination

We acknowledge and understand the history and effect of racism and discrimination, both within our organisation and in society at large. This includes recognising and addressing any past or current practices that contribute to systemic racism.

We accept that to do this with meaning we must question our own roles and biases in perpetuating racial inequality within the culture of our organisation and our communities.

Create a diverse and equitable workplace culture

We will work to create a diverse and equitable workplace culture, where everyone feels valued and supported, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or background.

This involves:

  • examining hiring and promotion practices
  • providing anti-racist training for employees
  • creating safe spaces for open and honest conversations about race and racism

Strengthen the voice of our staff networks

We will continue to strengthen the voice of our staff networks, enabling staff groups to influence strategy and actions.

We will address any areas of under-representation across our workforce. There will be a particular focus on improving diversity within senior and management roles.

Lived experiences, and perspectives of racialised communities

In our strategies, action plans, and operations we will centre the lived experiences, and perspectives of racialised communities in our decision-making processes and organisational goals.

We will actively seek out and listen to the concerns and needs of racialised communities. We will also work to incorporate their feedback and insights. Whilst seeking to tackle racism through an intersectional lens, exploring how it interacts with other complex inequalities such as gender identity, disability, and sexuality.

Policies and practices that promote racial equity and justice

We will use our organisation's resources and platform to advocate for policies and practices that promote racial equity and justice, both within our professions and in society at large.

This will include:

  • participating in local and national campaigns
  • working with other organisations and Trusts to advance shared goals
  • using our social media platforms and other communication channels to raise awareness and promote change

Patients have outstanding quality of care

We will ensure that all patients have outstanding quality of care. No-one should be disadvantaged because of race or any other form of discrimination.

We want to ensure that all service users and carers feel understood and supported throughout their time and involvement with us.

We will advocate loudly for the diverse and marginalised groups in our communities. It is unacceptable that they continue to experience poorer outcomes.

Establish an Anti-racism Steering Group

We will establish an Anti-racism Steering Group. We will invite colleagues from primary and secondary care in Cornwall to join us on this journey and strengthen our strategic connection in this area.

We will reach out to our peers who are already doing excellent work in anti-racism both nationally and regionally. Together we can transform and even abolish the structures, systems, policies, and practices that cause inequity.

Establish an Anti-racism Hub

We will establish an Anti-racism Hub to operationalise and embed an anti-racist culture. Even with a clear organisational commitment, progress on racial equity can be weakened if individuals within the organisation are unable to see where they can contribute and use their talents.

We can often find ourselves reinventing the wheel without moving forward because we fail to learn from the knowledge and skills of our colleagues. The creation of a central point or ‘hub’ to act as a repository for anti-racist work and activity within the Trust will guard against this type of attrition. This resource will be open to our workforce and partners, providing a platform and enabling collective ownership of our anti-racism journey.

Support teams who are experiencing difficulties with racism

We will support teams who are experiencing difficulties with racial discrimination or tension by offering training and enabling discussions.

We can only be a truly anti-racist organisation if everyone feels empowered, enabled to act and identify, and tackle inequalities.

Continuously assess and evaluate our progress on anti-racism

We will continuously assess and evaluate our progress on our anti-racist journey. We will adjust strategies and practices as needed.

This will involve:

  • soliciting feedback from all employees and communities
  • tracking key performance indicators related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • setting measurable goals for improvement

Race, equity, and inclusion is everyone’s business

These are the first small steps to integrate anti-racism work in our internal process. It also represents the start of a bigger journey for us.

Race, equity, and inclusion is everyone’s business. The responsibility to turn this statement of intent to a strategy and into reality rests with each person in the Cornwall workforce.

Tackling racism needs to be a fundamental leadership responsibility for everyone. This is not just about leaders recognising and understanding racism. It's about owning responsibility to be proactively anti-racist, both individually and collectively.

We will not achieve change overnight, and may not get everything right. However, our commitment as individuals and as an organisation is to pro-active change, by acting, learning and improving.