Cornish-made CardioWall improving inpatients mental health

CardioWall at Longreach House.

An electronic interactive wall is helping to improve both mental and physical health at Longreach House, based at Camborne Redruth Community Hospital.

The team at Longreach fundraised for part of the funds by doing a virtual walk the distance of Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Lucy McCormick is a sports and exercise technician at Longreach Hospital and is one of the members of staff who raised funds for the equipment.

“We really needed a piece of equipment that did not feel like exercise.

“Lots of our patients struggle with very low mood and often do not have the mental space or energy for exercise. So it was vital that we found a really appealing piece of equipment to get patients to step foot into the gym and get exercising.”

The CardioWall is a large, interactive piece of equipment that has several pre-loaded games that combine both cognitive and physical challenge. The unique games work multiple muscle groups, improve coordination, reaction time, strength, and cardiovascular endurance, as well as improving balance and decision-making. Games can be as short as 1 minute.

It is inclusive and caters for a wide range of patients, with varying fitness levels, ages, and abilities. The CardioWall can even be used whilst sat down or used by those in a wheelchair or limited mobility.

“Our patients are always drawn to the CardioWall and it keeps them coming back to do exercise. It has been beneficial for many people and has helped to get people into the gym. Many people do not even realise that they are doing exercise! Quite often people will have a go on the CardioWall and then start to use other pieces of equipment. It has been great.” Lucy McCormick

One service user at Longreach has even asked for the CardioWall to be included in her treatment plan.

“I really enjoy sport and exercise so was introduced to the CardioWall during a previous stay at Longreach and found that it helped my mental health. When I was readmitted, I asked for the CardioWall to be included in my treatment plan.”

The service user found the CardioWall helped as a copying mechanism to deal with her anger.

“I like to use the CardioWall to help me when I feel angry and frustrated. It is a great distraction for when I am not feeling great, and I enjoy trying to beat my previous scores or even one of the members of staff! Being able to exercise whilst staying at Longreach has helped to improve my mental health.”

The CardioWall was designed and made by Bodmin-based company, Rugged Interactive.

“We’re delighted to see the CardioWall is continuing to make a positive contribution to the patients and staff at Longreach Hospital.

“As the CardioWall was designed in and is manufactured in Cornwall, it is great to see a local installation working so well. Since being launched in 2009, The Rugged Interactive CardioWall has begun to establish itself as a valuable tool in healthcare around the world”. Simon Heap, Company Founder of Rugged Interactive

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