Covid 19 referral Information

In response to COVID-19 referral process has changed.

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Primary Care Practitioners Contact Information

To contact a Primary Care Dementia Practitioner please ask your GP.

Primary Care Practitioners

Primary Care Dementia Practitioners (PCDPs) work across most of Cornwall. The main purpose of their role is to support people who have dementia and their families.

Primary Care Practitioners (PCDPs) work very closely with GPs to assess people’s needs and those of their carer – making referrals to other services as needed.
PCDPs will remain in touch with the person and their family from initial diagnosis until the person passes away.

PCDPs come from a range of background and each is an expert in dementia care. With their specialist knowledge they can quickly problem solve and put solutions in place for people thereby avoiding crisis’s, preventing admissions to care homes or a hospital. No-one is discharged from the PCDP case load – their support continues throughout the person’s journey.

The PCDPs also have a role to play in raising awareness of dementia in the community – which can been seen in more detail in the above film. One of the practitioners has been working with students from Penair School to create life story books.

Primary Care Practitioners Survey

The Primary Care Dementia Practitioner Service is brand new and we would really appreciate your time in providing us feedback. This is to ensure that the service we are delivering is a quality service and if improvements can be made we are able to implement them.

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