When to be concerned

Eating and drinking concerns

For a baby or child of any age if you have concerns that the child is experiencing difficulties in swallowing food or drink or difficulties in chewing, call us on 01208 834 488 or send a referral form by email to the speech and language therapy team.

Concerns around speech and language difficulties

If you are unsure whether your child needs to be supported by the service, read the information below.

General communication advice

To get general communication advice, email the request for help team with your contact details and a brief message. We will not be able to discuss a specific child or young person and will only be able to give you advice, unless you have parental consent to share information.

Specific communication advice

To discuss a child or young person’s specific communication needs, complete our request for help form. Parental consent needs to be obtained to complete this form. Instructions on how to complete the form are available on our request for help page.

For more information on how we process your information, read our privacy policy.