We have a Choice and Medication website which offers information about medications used by our mental health services.

The Choice and Medication website information is designed to help you make informed decisions about medication; whether you are a patient, relative, carer or member of staff. The information will tell you about any side effects as well as approved information on mental health conditions and the types of things you can do to help yourself.

Pharmacy contact details

You can contact a Mental Health Pharmacist by telephoning:
01208 834265

Chief Pharmacist: Helen Woods
Telephone: 01208 251300[/tel


Choice and Medication website
Cornwall Joint Formulary (search online for Joint Formulary Cornwall)
HeadMeds website
(Providing young people general information about medication.)

Adult Meds info resources

Electronic Medicines Compendium
NHS Evidence
NICE (Medicines and Prescribing Centre)
Shared Care Guidelines

Children’s Meds info resources

Medicines for Children
BNF for Children
NHS Evidence
Unlicensed Medicines Leaflet
Consent to Treatment Leaflet
Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority
Electronic Medicines Compendium
Perinatal Mental Health Team