Your Health and Wellbeing

Flu Fighter Campaign 2018/19

Getting your flu jab or not is an important decision that you have to make each year. It makes sense that you have questions about it's safety and effectiveness amongst other things. The flu fighter team at NHS Employers have pulled together the information that you need on flu and the flu vaccine.

Managing your pain

Aches and pains are a normal part of life but if you've been struggling with pain for more than 12 weeks, there are things you can do to help.

Infection Control

The Infection Control Team is committed to protecting patients, staff and visitors from the risk of health care associated infections.

Your Health

Your Health Media and factsheets on: mental health conditions, cold weather planning, stoping smoking, Winter Wellbeing and more information.


We have a Choice and Medication website which offers information about medications used by our mental health services.

Mental Health Recovery

The Whole Life approach to mental health recovery is a common sense approach that accepts that people with mental health problems are more than the sum of their symptoms.


Since 1 April 2018 we have been SmokeFree for staff, patients and visitors.

Of Sound Mind

In a major series, Of Sound Mind, the Western Morning News takes an exclusive look behind the scenes of Cornwall’s mental health services