Stroke Rehabilitation Units Contact Information

Ward Managers
Woodfield Stroke Rehabilitation Unit
Bodmin Hospital
01208 251392

Lanyon Stroke Rehabilitation Unit
Camborne Redruth Community Hospital
01209 318017

Stroke Rehabilitation Units

There are two specialist stroke rehabilitation units where a multi-disciplinary stroke team will care for you and provide further therapy to help prepare you for going home.

In Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly the two specialist stroke rehabilitation units are:
Woodfield Stroke Rehabilitation Unit at Bodmin Community Hospital
Lanyon Stroke Rehabilitation Unit at Camborne Redruth Community Hospital

You will be assessed on your arrival and your personal treatment plan will be reviewed and developed by the multi-disciplinary stroke team ensuring that:

  • Individual problems and issues are clearly identified
  • Measurable goals are agreed with you and included in the treatment plan
  • The multidisciplinary stroke team regularly review the individual treatment plan with you, your family and carers.

For those who need rehabilitation there is a range of therapy that includes Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy. Each patient will have an agreed personal development plan which includes their goals and the type / frequency of therapy required to achieve the goals.

When it is time for you to be discharged from hospital or when you reach the end of the care from the early supported discharge team, your ongoing care will be carefully planned by the specialist stroke team working closely with your GP and possibly the community health care team and social services. You and your family and carers will be given information about your diagnosis, your likely prognosis and advice about care at home as well as helpful contact details in case you encounter any problems.

If necessary, a home assessment will be undertaken to make sure that any adaptations to your home are made before you arrive. The specialist stroke team of nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists will work with you and your carers to plan the details of the care you will need at home. Some patients will have active input from a social worker who will help with the discharge from hospital, including those patients who are going to a nursing or residential home. Some who are discharged home from hospital will require ongoing therapy from the rehabilitation team, or the specialist neuro occupational therapist, or the neuro physiotherapist.

Your GP will also be able to help with any further support you may need. Your GP will be informed about your admission and your care needs when you return home. Following your discharge, they will then become the doctor responsible for your care.