Stress Buster

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Effective ways to control stress

If you often find yourself feeling anxious, low, stressed, panicky or worried, then Stress Buster could be for you. It is an NHS-funded 5 session course (approx 90 minutes per week) that has a focus on learning about stress, understanding its effects on the way we think, feel and behave. Courses are run across Cornwall and it's free to attend.

It is an educational class to help you learn ways of tackling and controlling stress. It is not group therapy. Attendees are never asked about personal problems and there is no expectation for anyone to speak.

You attend a series of tried and tested presentations that are designed to arm you with the knowledge and skills that will help you cope with stress more effectively.

We run Stress Buster courses at venues right across Cornwall. The facilitators are all experienced professionals with Outlook South West. If you are interested in attending a Stress Buster course, please complete a self-referral  Register Online form and state within the referral that you are interested in Stress Buster. 

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