School Nursing Cornwall

School nurses provide confidential advice and health information. This advice is available to young people, their parents, carers and teachers. School nurses will help ensure children and young people stay fit and healthy.

School Nursing Cornwall offers health assessments to all children when they start primary and secondary school. This information is used by the NHS to help plan and improve services for children.

As well helping parents to bring up healthy children by providing information on healthy eating and hygiene, they also help teachers to meet any health needs children may have at school. In secondary schools they provide drop-in sessions. For all children school nurses can help to carry out the common assessment framework. This looks at all the child’s needs, not just those that can be met by one organisation and develops a plan to meet those needs.

They can also help to put you in touch with or make referrals to the other health services your child may need. This includes hearing tests, speech and language therapy, continence services, child mental health services, dieticians and opticians.

Each autumn/spring term the school nurse will meet with groups of year 7 pupils in order to raise the awareness of health issues that the school nurse can support young people with, to highlight the school nurse weekly drop in service and to offer each year 7 pupil a health check.

Existing Referrals and Enquiries

Contact the Children’s Services Care Management Centre on:
01872 221400

Children’s Services Care Management Centre
Truro Health Park
Infirmary Hill
Tr1 2JA

New Referrals

Contact the Early Help Hub on:
01872 322277


or if you wish to make a referral please use the approriate link below.

The website for professionals is:
The website for parents is:

School Nursing Resources

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