Results from completed research

We aim for participants in any many CFT Research studies as possible to receive feedback from the study sponsors about the results of the trials to which they have contributed. 

Please find below links to a range of published articles about CFT Research Studies which have now been completed. 

Research into Mental Health Conditions and Services

Exploring the experience of the users of Early Intervention In Psychosis services and their carers:

Carers’ and service users’ experiences of early intervention in psychosis services: implications for care partnerships

Results of research into voice-hearing in psychosis, and finalised questionnaires measuring assertive responding to distressing voices, and assertive responding to other people, can be downloaded here.

Assertive Responding to Voices (APPROVE) Study

Research exploring perceptions of how mental health clinicians in England adapt their approach for patients of different ethnic backgrounds.

Cultural Adaptations in Clinical Interactions - Summary of Results 

Comparing differing approaches to providing psychiatry input to inpatient and community mental health services.

Lifestyle education groups for people with schizophrenia aiming to support weight reduction and improve diet and physical activity levels.

Stepwise article

Use of the Health of the National Outcome Scales (HONOS) to measure effectiveness of community mental healthcare.

Desperately seeking outcomes quantifying the effectiveness of community mental healthcare using health of the nation outcome scales

Exploring media portrayals of mental illness and the effects of media and mental health awareness training on healthcare and media staff.

Mental health professionals and media professionals a survey of attitudes towards one another

Exploring the effects of Community Treatment Orders for people with psychosis.

A review of the evidence for new Non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) treatments of disorders including epilepsy, ADHD and schizophrenia.

Abnormal cortical asymmetry as a target for neuromodulation in neuropsychiatric disorders: A narrative review and concept proposal

The Need of Doctors for safe confessional and cathartic spaces (Book Chapter).

Building theory to evaluate a collaborative care intervention for people with psychosis in England.

Gwernan-Jones et al 2019 PARTNERS2 theory building [pdf] 1MB

The importance of storytelling within medical and health provision and education to help understand the individual human aspect of health provision (book Chapter).

Preferences for group arts therapies: a cross-sectional survey of mental health patients and the general population.

Research into Epilepsy

Exploring factors behind attendance at emergency departments by people with epilepsy in rural areas.

Frequency and factors associated with emergency department attendance for people with epilepsy in a rural UK population

Exploring differing responses to Anti-Epileptic Medication in the general population and people with Intellectual Disabilities (Learning Disabilities).


Perampanel Paper

Perampanel (Dutch Paper)

European perspective of perampanel response in people with Intellectual Disability [pdf] 569KB


Lacosamide paper 2020 [pdf] 407KB

A review of interventions to reduce unnecessary attendance of people with epilepsy at emergency departments.

Exploring epilepsy attendance at the emergency department and interventions which may reduce unnecessary attendances [pdf] 278KB

Research into Learning Disabilities (Intellectual Disabilities)

A review of the literature into factors influencing discharge from hospital or institutional care to enable successful community living for people with learning disabilities.

Creating Capable Communities for People with Intellectual Disabilities Challenges and Opportunities [pdf] 817KB