Patient Involvement

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As an organisation, it is important for us to listen to feedback on our services from both our service users and staff and make changes based on this. You will see that below we have a few ways in which we try to do this. We get feedback from our Patient Experience Questionnaires (PEQs), from our Patient Engagement Group, and from other sources including our social media accounts. 

Patient Engagement Group

Our aim is to put service users at the heart of what we do and to achieve this we want to establish and maintain a diverse 'Patient Engagement Group'.

The idea of the group, which already has a handful of members (all people who have previously used our services), is to involve our service users in as many aspects of our organisation as we can. So far, this has been by involving them in important discussions ranging from 'how can we better manage people's wait for therapy' to 'how can we improve our patient letters & communication?'. 

Our Patient Engagement Group is open to anyone who feels they can help us be better at what we do. By having a two-way dialogue with the people who use or have used our services, we believe we can make developments or improvements that enhance the work that we do.

People may wish to be part of it for various reasons. You may have found that our therapy services really made life better and you want to give something back to ensure others continue to benefit? You may think that we can do better and you want to have a say in how we can do that? Whatever the reasons, it is an open forum that is currently run online.

We want to increase the size of the group so that we have more input and opinions on the things that we do. We also want to make the group as diverse as possible in order to have a better representation of the population we serve. If you think you may be interested in being part of this online group, please contact us and ask to speak to our Communications Officer for more information.

Social Media

You can interact with us via our social media profiles on both Facebook and Twitter. Both of these accounts are managed Monday to Friday during office hours to enable us to connect with service users and patients in as many ways as we can. We regularly recieve reviews and feedback about our services on our Facebook page. We share online material on social media which our followers sometimes ask us to share. We also recieve private messages where people wish for us to pass on their gratitude to a particular therapist or where people might have a complaint about the service they have had from us. Search for Outlook South West on Facebook or @OutlookSW on Twitter.