Parkinson's Nursing Contact Information

The telephone no. for the Parkinson’s service is 01209 318048

Parkinson's Nursing

The Parkinson’s Nursing Service is able available to provide ongoing support if you have received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

What does the Parkinson’s Nurse Service provide?

Our Parkinson’s Nurse Service will provide you with an assessment and nursing care to meet your personal needs. They will provide you and your family or carers with up to date information on the condition. They will help you all to make informed decisions about your future care so treatment can be tailored to your individual needs. Throughout the condition, from diagnosis onwards they will encourage you to play an active role in managing the condition.

They will work closely with your Consultant and GP. They will also refer you to other services who may be required to support your ongoing care. Our Parkinson’s specialist nurses also work closely pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists. They also work with community matrons, district nurses and other specialist nurses, together with other agencies such as Adult Social Care and Parkinson’s UK.

Our Parkinson’s Nurses will monitor and recommend medication changes with your Consultant and GP. They may be able to prescribe Parkinson’s related medication for you. They will use their specialist expertise to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your medication.
For more details of our Parkinson’s Services, please see our service leaflet.

Speech and Language Therapy For People With Parkinson’s Disease

Our Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service sees many people who have difficulties in speech, communication and/or swallowing arising from Parkinson’s Disease.
The earliest sign of difficulty is often a loss of loudness of speech. You may also notice a lack of melody or intonation in your voice and a mild reduction in the clarity of your speech. You may experience swallowing difficulties at a later stage.
Everyone is at different stages of Parkinson’s Disease and has different needs, to ensure we are able to support you we offer a range of interventions ranging from intensive treatment (Lee Silverman Voice treatment), to more general support and advice aimed at helping you and your family to cope more easily with your difficulty.

Accessing our Parkinson’s Nurses

  • Our service is available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Calls to the Parkinson’s service are collected and prioritised on a daily basis
  • We review most people with Parkinson’s at nurse led clinics held at various locations across the county. In some circumstances some reviews take place via home visit
  • We offer twice weekly telephone advice, information and support service to help answer queries or problems related to Parkinson’s. This usually takes place on a Monday and Friday morning
  • We also attend monthly Parkinson’s Hub meetings at Threemilestone, St Austell and Pensilva (near Liskeard) to provide tailored education, and to review patients via prearranged appointment


9am – 5pm Monday to Friday


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