Final farewell after 40 years nursing in Cornwall

Sally Ann (Sam) McDonald has left the Trust after a 40 year career working in the NHS across Cornwall. Although officially retiring last year, Sam returned to work part time for the Falls Team having been a team member for the last seven years.

Final farewell after 40 years nursing in Cornwall

Her distinguished career included working as staff nurse at St Austell Hospital, in District Nursing, and for KernowDoc after qualifying in advanced practice and nurse prescriber skills.

Sam participated in research and invented a device for use in blood transfusions which was featured on Radio Cornwall. She has worked alongside the fracture clinic at RCHT, the ambulance services, eldercare services as well as experience nursing overseas.

More recently working as a Specialist Falls Practitioner, Sam has been the lead in clinics in North and East of the county, providing teaching and working on pathways to get care closer to home for older people at high risk of falls and fractures.

Jax Fursman, Falls Team Lead at the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust said, “Sam’s commitment to patients and her extensive knowledge and skills will be sorely missed. She is a dedicated nurse practitioner, a colleague who can lift everyone’s spirits and make us all laugh.”

“We’ve had lots of lovely comments from patients about the thoroughness of her assessments and how they’ve been motivated through her engaging personality to reduce their risks of falls and fractures.” Jax added, “We always say that she’s a person once met never forgotten and she will be missed by everyone that knows her.”