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Coping with the heat and COVID-19

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With Cornwall hotter than many foreign holiday destinations this week and further sunshine expected next week, Newquay minor injury unit is already seeing more than its fair share of sunburn, bites and stings – many of which could be avoided.

Julia Sharland, the nurse in charge of the minor injury unit said, “While it’s advisable to stay indoors or move into the shade during the hottest part of the day, a high factor sun-cream, a wide brimmed hat and drinking lots of non-alcoholic fluids can help avoid some of the common conditions we see when the weather warms up.

“You can walk-in to several pharmacies in the town and the staff there will be able to advise and provide over the counter remedies to help you deal with bites, stings and mild sunburn.

“If you do need to come to the minor injury unit, here or elsewhere in Cornwall please go online or call 111 first. Please stay on the line as it may take a while for an operator to get to your call. Waiting on the line for advice, means you can be directed to the best local health service for your needs; it also means the team and I are alerted to your arrival and social distancing can be maintained in the department.”

The NHS often sees an impact on emergency and urgent care when there is a heatwave. In England alone there are on average 2,000 heat related deaths a year, but we can all do our bit to look after ourselves and each other. Dehydration, heat exhaustion and sun-stroke can affect anyone but those who are most vulnerable should take extra care and include babies and young children, people with serious or long-term conditions, the elderly and especially those over 75 or people who work outside.

With numbers of COVID-19 cases rising in the Newquay area, it’s really important people continue to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing when they visit any health premises.

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