A new Cornish dance has been created and was launched this week. | News

A new Cornish dance has been created and was launched this week.

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A new Cornish dance has been created by members of the Kernow British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and was launched in Cornwall this week.

Cornish Shuffle

The Cornish Shuffle is set to Harry Glasson’s beautiful Cornwall My Home and is encouraging all ages and abilities to get moving outdoors and have fun whilst re-connecting with family and friends in a safe way. Creator of the Cornish Shuffle, NHS Psychiatrist Beth Chapman explains, “Social connections help us to combat stress and being active benefits every system in our bodies including the immune system. This sort of light-hearted fun may have been missing for some people recently. I hope people will have a giggle whilst shuffling and feel better for it”.

The Cornish Shuffle is endorsed by the NHS, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and Cornwall Wildlife Trust. It is inspired by a story of recovery; to help Cornish communities, families, friends and colleagues to have a go and release some happy and health-boosting hormones. Whilst the Cornish Shuffle can be done indoors, there is a strong emphasis on being outside. Cheryl Marriott from Cornwall Wildlife Trust said “Cornwall Wildlife Trust jumped at the chance to be involved. We know that people have appreciated the wellbeing benefits of being outside in nature more than ever this year. The Cornish Shuffle encourages us to continue being active outdoors and enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits that brings”.

Psychiatrist Beth is keen to point out that you don’t need to have any experience of dancing to have a go. “We would like everyone to try it. We have broken down the moves into three sequences for people to copy and they can be done jumping around or from sitting. If our moves don’t grab you then make up your own!”  Each of the dance’s three sequences has a Cornish theme to make them easier to remember and there are online videos to demonstrate them all. The promotional video featuring Cornish residents dancing the Cornish Shuffle can be found on You Tube by searching for ‘Cornish Shuffle’ or visiting https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERi4iHbij4NldIcYmlFgGg

The creators are asking groups to film themselves doing the Cornish Shuffle and upload and share their videos to the platform of their choice using the hashtag #CornishShuffle.

Health professionals in other parts of the UK have already been inspired by the   Cornish Shuffle so it seems likely that other counties will follow suit. It is hoped that locals and visitors alike will get shuffling this summer.

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