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£16,220 raised for ‘Grow Outdoors’ Crowdfunder

grow outdoors

grow outdoors

In just over three months, 70 supporters recognised the value of therapeutic horticulture, and donated a total of £16,220 to support the ‘Grow Outdoors’ campaign, exceeding the initial target of £12,000.

‘Grow Outdoors’ was launched to raise money to go towards raised beds, sensory planters, and a blackboard wall for outdoor art expression and therapy at Sowenna – Cornwall’s first child and adolescent mental health unit.

Every pledge that was made will enable the young people to plant, nurture and sow herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. The £4000 beyond the target will help fund more gardening packs so Sowenna staff can keep running horticultural therapy sessions for as long as possible.

Dr Sebastian Rotheray, CAMHS Crisis and Inpatient Consultant, commented: ‘The importance of ‘green therapies’ for young people with mental health difficulties is well established. Having a well-developed and nurtured green space at Sowenna will be of a great holistic benefit to the unwell young people receiving treatment at the hospital.’ 

Sowing seeds and tending to plants is a process that not all of us experience, but is something that can have massive benefits to mental wellbeing. Nurturing something bigger than you gives a sense of stability and control.

Having these resources at Sowenna will make a massive difference to young people and their recovery. By nurturing plants, the patients will learn to nurture themselves, and invest in the beauty of their lives – they are planning for a future.

Sowenna opened earlier this month and is now supporting its first patients.

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