Neurodevelopmental services

Autism intensive support team

The autism intensive support team is for autistic adults who do not have an intellectual disability but who are in hospital because of their autism or may need to go into hospital soon.

The team works across Cornwall to provide intensive support for people with autism but without other conditions. It aims to stop people from going into a hospital or to help get them home more quickly when a stay in hospital has been necessary.

The team can offer advice on how to support people with conditions that occur alongside their autism (co-occur). They do not need to see the person to do this. 

If the co-occurring condition, is optimally managed and the presentation and clinical need is overwhelmingly autism related, it may be possible for the team to offer face-to-face assessment and treatment. The team will not be able to provide care co-ordination.

The questions the team must ask are:

  1. Is there a robust diagnosis of autism?
  2. Does the person have a learning disability?
  3. Are there 2 or more conditions? We call this co-morbidity. 
  4. Does the person need health or social care?
  5. Is this a crisis that will lead to admission into a hospital?

When does the service start?

The service will accept its first referrals on 31 October 2022.

Who can make a referral?

Any health or care worker can make a referral. 

What happens once a referral has been made?

Once a referral has been made the service will provide an assessment of the person's health needs regarding their autism. The multi-disciplinary team will agree the next steps. 

All referrals will receive an acknowledgment within 5 working days. Advice, assessment, and treatment will be subject to triage. The longest people will have to wait is 18 weeks.

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