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Our services

What do we do?

Firstly, we help patients better understand the links between physical health and mental health. Also, how the specifics of your condition, alongside its treatment, are intertwined with your mental wellbeing and vice versa.

We look at different strategies to manage negative ways of thinking, feelings of stress/low-mood and behaviours that may be contributing to making symptoms worse. All of which, is with the aim of helping to reduce the negative impacts of your condition and help promote an improved quality of life.

How your treatment is delivered

We use a blend of proven treatment options, which includes a mix of one-to-one sessions with a Healthy Outlook therapist, health & wellbeing workshops or condition-specific online therapy.

Why Healthy Outlook can help

One of the many benefits of this service is that our clinical team is integrated with physical health professionals, often even co-located with them. This means that both the physical health elements of your care, work alongside (and together) with the support for your psychological wellbeing. The mental and physical aspects of living with a long-term health condition are fundamentally linked, so in much the same way, it works best when your treatment is also joined up.