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Telephone Number: 01208 251450

Harvest Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Similar to an intensive treatment unit in a general hospital, Harvest provides intensive treatment to people aged 18 years or above. Harvest Ward offers a higher level of nursing input so it is better able to care for those who are most unwell.

If you are very unwell due to your mental health, you may be treated on Harvest psychiatric intensive care unit. You will have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Admissions can be made at any time, All inpatients have their own en-suite bedroom. A gym, activity room, lounge, garden and outdoor recreation areas are available to patients.

The aim is to provide a short burst of treatment to enable you to recover to a point where you can transfer to a psychiatric admission, rehabilitation unit or to go home.

The staff on the unit provide a short intensive burst of treatment to enable patients to recover to a point where they can return to a normal psychiatric unit or even go home. If Harvest is not the best place for you to receive treatment, the ward will make a referral to another service.

Harvest supports people from Devon and Cornwall, and works closely with all our psychiatric wards.


Visiting a patient in our community hospitals (updated in July 2020)

With immediate effect, we have made some small changes to our visiting arrangements. The key change is that one close family member can be given permission to visit a person who is COVID-19 positive in an end of life situation.

These updated visiting arrangements will apply to all acute and community hospitals across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly:

  • end of life (including where a patient is COVID-19 positive) – one close family member
  • children and neonatal unit – one parent/carer at any one time
  • maternity – one birth partner only.

Relatives wishing to visit in any end of life circumstances must contact the ward for permission. If the patient being visited is Covid-19 positive, the ward leader/nurse in charge will need to get authorisation from:

  • one person from their Care Group Triumvirate and 1 person from the Corporate Triumvirate (Director of Nursing, Medical Director, Chief Operating Officer) – during core hours (9-5)
  • The On-Call Manager and the On-Call Executive Director – out of hours

Whilst visitors will come at their own risk, they must be risk assessed before visiting and given appropriate advice. Visitors must be asked to sign the guidance and risk assessment (attached below) when they arrive on the ward.

Visitors will be required to wear appropriate PPE at all times, whether or not the person they are visiting has COVID-19. They must all be given advice about social distancing, handwashing and risks associated with the removal of gloves to hold hands.

Visitor Information Form July 2020

Please telephone the ward on: 01208 251450

As our patients are very unwell, there are certain restrictions in place. Our information leaflet provides more information on these and what to expect when you visit.


The Link Car Park is free and provides for easy access to Harvest. Disabled parking spaces are available in this car park.

Referrals: Referrals to Harvest are usually made by a range of healthcare professionals.