Governor Elections

Governor election timetable 2019/20 and the latest reports for Governor elections of Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The 2019/20 Governor Election Process has just concluded. This year, the Trust was seeking six candidates to join the Council of Governors.

Our Governors are the interface between our members, patients, public, staff and the Board of Directors, who have operational responsibility for running our services. Our Governors provide us with a different perspective on new initiatives and our performance. They are also responsible for holding the Non-Executive Directors to account for the performance of the Board, and for ensuring that staff views are represented. Our Trust Chair, Dr Barbara Vann, is also the Chair of the Council of Governors.

Our Council of Governors meet four times a year. Anyone who is a member, and over the age of 16, is able to put their name forward to be elected as a Governor. No special qualifications are needed, just a passion to get involved.

Full details of the vacancies are set out in the Notice of Election 2020. Information about becoming a Governor is available in Information for Potential Governors November 2019

We were delifghted that five members put themselves forward to join the Council of Governors and have been elected (uncosted) to the Council of Governors. Full details are set out in the Uncontested Election Report 2020. A bi-election will be held later in the year to fill the remaining West Service Area Constituency seat.  

Previous elections

Information on past elections can be obtained from the Trust Secretary.