Finding Yourself Again

A group for mums with post-natal low mood

Having a baby is generally expected to be a wonderful experience that brings great joy and happiness, so it can be very difficult if you don’t quite feel like that. Many mums find that life with a baby or toddler can be extremely challenging, and that the new demands and responsibilities, together with broken sleep, can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed, low in mood, irritable or anxious. 

If this happens, you might find yourself being very hard on yourself, comparing yourself negatively with other people or thinking that you’re the only one finding it so hard. This can in turn make you feel even worse. Or you might find it difficult to stop worrying about the future, about your child's wellbeing or your ability to cope. 

If any of these thoughts or feelings strike a chord with you, or if you have felt low or anxious recently, our free (NHS-funded) courses could help. 

Across the five 2 hour sessions you’ll discover new ways to:  

  • Lighten your mood
  • Get on top of your worries
  • Manage sleepless nights
  • Build confidence & self-esteem
  • And Find Yourself Again!

It is open to mums with a child under three, is free to attend and crèche facilities are provided at some venues. You can also attend this course whilst also having one-to-one therapy at the same time if you wish. 

Finding Yourself Again is run by Outlook South West therapists at locations across Cornwall (currently online). If you are interested in Finding Yourself Again, call 01208 871905 or mention it in your online referral to our service. 

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