Complex Care Community Team Contact Information

Caradon CMHT: 01579 373737

North Cornwall CMHT: 01208 834300

Restormel CMHT: 01726 873377

Carrick CMHT: 01872 221000

North Kerrier CMHT01209 318300

Penwith CMHT: 01736 571000

To find out which CMHT covers the area in which you live, please contact Bodmin Hospital switchboard on 01208 251300

Complex Care Community Team

The Complex Care and Dementia Community Team supports the family and carers of people referred to the service and signposts services that might offer help within the community.

The Complex Care and Dementia Community Team offers support to people with dementia or complex mental health needs while they are in the community and can be accessed through the Community Mental Health Teams.

The Complex care and Dementia Service has Community Mental Health Teams that are based across the county providing locally based services supporting people in their own homes and in a variety of care settings. The community services accept referrals from primary care e.g. GP, district nurse, specialist service, social care and voluntary services. Self refferals can be made, although individuals are encouraged to make links with their GP.

We have a wide remit providing assessment and treatment services to people with dementia and those with severe mental health problems and complex physical health needs. We work closely with the wider health community, social care providers and voluntary sector in helping to maintain people’s independence and their mental health.

Opening Hours

CMHT bases are open, Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 5.15pm


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