Perinatal Mental Health Team

The Perinatal Mental Health Team specialises in the assessment, diagnosis and short-term treatment of women affected by a moderate to severe mental health illness in the preconception, antenatal and postnatal period. The team promotes wellbeing during pregnancy, prevention of relapse and assists with birth planning.

Perinatal Mental Health Services

  • Preconceptual advice, pregnancy and birth planning  for women who have had a previous episode of mental illness
  • A consultation that may lead to a further assessment of risk and treatment options
  • An assessment that takes into account what is important to you during your pregnancy
  • The shared development of a care plan that meets your personal needs
  • Planning for the postnatal period to promote wellness and prevent relapse
  • Advice in prescribing medication for mental health reasons in pregnancy and breast feeding
    e.g anti-depressants
  • Information about other services e.g. Outlook Southwest and Family Information Service
  • Referrals up to 6 weeks postnatally
  • We aim to provide support for up to 1 year (if the problems start during pregnancy or during first 9 months postnatally).


To make a telephone referral: 0845 207 7711 .  
Select option 1 for East locality, option 2 for Mid locality and option 3 for West locality.

West – Kerrier, Penwith & IoS
Mid – Restormel & Carrick
East – North Cornwall & Caradon

To make an email referrals:

For the Referrer

Please complete the GAD7 and PHQ9 questionnaires to measure effectiveness of treatment.
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Contact Information

Perinatal Mental Health Team
57 Pydar Street
(01872) 221031



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