Health Visitors Cornwall

Health visitors are qualified nurses with additional training in family and community health. Health visitors work in community based teams with a range of services.

What services do health visitors provide:

  • Ante Natal Services
  • New births
  • 6-8 week development review
  • 3-4 month development review
  • 1 year development review
  • 2-21/2 year development review
  • Help when new to the area

For more information on these services please download the leaflets below.
How Well is Your Child Learning and Developing?
Great Expectations Free 6 week antenal course

There are 4 parts to the health visiting service

Community (your neighbourhood)

Health visitors work with a variety of community organisations running groups for parents and carers in your area to support you and your family. 

Please ask your health visitor or children’s centre about groups in your area.

 For example the Family Information Service.

Universal Services (offered to every family)

Health visitors and their teams lead and deliver the Healthy Child Programme from pregnancy to starting school. 

This promotes support to both parents through a series of scheduled child health reviews incorporating assessment of children’s health, development and wider well-being to ensure all children are reaching their full potential.

Universal Plus (further support for families)

Health visitors and their teams are able to provide a rapid response when additional support is required. This service assesses each child and family and refers them on to other appropriate services when specific expert help is needed, for example post natal depression, speech and language therapy, child development, advice around parenting, weaning, or coping with a sleepless baby.

Universal Partnership Plus (for families who need additional support)

Health visitors and their teams work in partnership with parents and a range of local services over a period of time to provide intensive support with more complex health needs. This can include work with Children Centres and other community services including charities to provide long term support in areas such as safeguarding and learning disabilities.

Existing Referrals and Enquiries

Contact the Children’s Services Care Management Centre on:
01872 221400

Children’s Services Care Management Centre
Truro Health Park
Infirmary Hill
 Tr1 2JA

New Referrals

Age ranges
From 0 years to 5 years
Referral required
Referral details
Midwives refer families ante-natally, all clients can also self refer or be referred by other services, including GP, children’s centre and social care via the Care Management Centre.

All families are contacted for core developmental reviews as per the Healthy Child Programme.

Children aged over 2 years
If your child has had the two year old check and you have had no more contact with your health visiting team and would like further advice/assistance from a health visitor, please make a referral through the Early Help Hub 01872 322277 Contact the Early Help Hub on:
01872 322277 Email:

or if you wish to make a referral please use the approriate link below.

The website for professionals is:
The website for parents is: 

Referral Criteria

First time parent, aged 19 or under at conception, will need to be recruited by 28 weeks gestation.

Drop-In Clinics

Child health ‘drop-in’ clinics are available throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Please contact your health visitor or the Care Management Centre for details.
Parents are welcome to access any health visitor clinic but please remember to bring your child’s health record (the ‘red book’) so we can update it for you.


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The Common Childhood illnesses Booklet is also now available as an app for free on: Google Play and the Apple Store – just search for childhealthguidewf
You can also log on at

Multi-lingual versions are also available


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